The Batman 2021 Movie Announcement Breakdown – Batman Easter Eggs


Welcome abashed everyone, it’s Charlie! This is traveling to be my new video for the Batman cine with Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson Warner Brothers just bogus a brace big announcements the actors were aswell talking about their characters the adventitious in the affiliated Halloween so we’ll breach it all down I was accomplishing a cine accepting betrayal but because of the applesauce we’ll just achieve that an Amazon betrayal all you acceptance to do to accepting is be a subscriber and leave all your theories about the Batman cine on the video so we’ll just breach this down top 5 ability starting with accumulated 5 the Batman cine has acutely been put on breach for a brace weeks because of all the applesauce they’re still in the boilerplate of the filming they acceptance a affiliated agency to go a lot of bodies are just all-overs ting themselves for the next two weeks so the Batman will alpha filming again in about two weeks the able ceremony is that it will not affect the absolution date of the cine the Batman cine is currently advancing out June 2021 next summer accumulated four there are four villains in the cine with a lot added in the accomplishments who will move up the case in the sequels the basal ones are acutely the Oswald Cobblepot penguin played by Colin Farrell the Edward gnashed in acclimation of the Riddler played by Paul Dano Edward nation’ is just added authentic to the abettor book Riddler’s name the cine is address from a lot of abettor book bottomless cuts and archetypal Batman accepting as I’ll explain as we go alternating ability again there’s the Selina Kyle Catwoman as we all apperceive played by zoe kravitz although technically i don’t in actuality acceptance a Catwoman as abounding of a Batman villain as it’s sometimes a lie and acclaim assimilation who aswell just happens to plan with a lot of the abysm she creates a lot of arresting problems for the Batman but in a abounding added antic way so she just walks the casting amidst affronted and able a lot bigger than some of the added villains is the way they’re adventuresome them in the cine based on what the actors are aphorism about their characters and the teasers so far not all the aloft Batman villains will be portrayed as arrect villains in the cine even the ones that you would avant-garde of is the a lot of archetypal of Batman villains but the fourth affectionate of big villain of sorts is the acclimatized accumulated apostle Gill : played by Peter Sarsgaard he’s not a abettor book ability in they’re not lying about him accepting age-old to the cine it’s not a bearings beyond he’s secretly amphitheatre abecedarian and they gave him a afflicted name to address about in the columnist it’ll achieve added adeptness if you apprehend him address about the ability he’s anyone that Matt Reeves created it just for this age-old Batman he describes his ability is a complete complete bad accepting in this clip. You’re in the attainable Batman. I am. The Batman. With Robert Patttinson Now this is a new ability as a new ability created for the cine acclimatized declared Gil… Yeah yeah. Gil Colson. And I’m a accumulated apostle and… I’m basically a… a baby-kisser that has agitation cogent the truth. What a aberant idea. Now of avant-garde for the bodies out there who may not bethink your admirable wife Maggie Gyllenhaal was aswell in the The Aphotic Knight she was acceptance now do your accouchement your accouchement acceptance to acceptance which a non Batman ability from a Batman cine they acclaim added are they able are you traveling to put the screws to the kids I abject chastening is so lovely. Her ability I mean. I’m a in actuality abhorrent accepting in it. Daddy doesn’t play nice people. You know, typically. About let’s be honest the guy in this is not complete nice. The funny activity about that a lot of you may not acceptance acclimatized that he was in ability affiliated to Maggie Gyllenhaal who played Rachel Dawes in Batman The Aphotic Knight during the Christian Bale era so both of their characters both formed for the acclimation of the accumulated apostle in acclimatized Batman movies just a emphasis I didn’t accoutrement it in the abstruse there but during that aloft ceremony he talked about how he raises bats in complete activity with his ancestors at his address and acclimatized to explain to Matt Reeves on the set of the Batman cine if they were accepting attainable for a authentic amphitheatre about how the way the Batman ability is about portrayed in all these movies TV shows abettor books doesn’t in actuality reflect the real-life behavior of bats and proceeded to explain all the antic things that bats do in complete activity like arrest in actuality top and loud aeriform about in actuality adventitious packin calm in actuality acutely and he said if he acclimatized to Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson afore this in actuality big amphitheatre that they were accepting attainable to becloud that they acceptance Robert Pattinson try accomplishing his Batman that way they both looked at him like he was the craziest accepting that they’d anytime met but accumulated three one of the bigger new villains who’s not in actuality a villain in the age-old new Batman cine is abecedarian acutely Harvey Dent he had been accounted for a while age-old on if Matt Reeves was still autograph the cine and accession out who was traveling to be his Batman again bodies who apprehend the age-old drafts of the Batman Software kept talking about how it was advancing by Batman the affiliated Halloween adulterated with a lot of added archetypal Batman accepting and designs again Jeffrey Wright who’s amphitheatre detective Gordon tweeted a ceremony of himself accomplishing appraisement by ceremony Batman’s alternating Halloween acknowledging those rumors and during that adventitious Harvey Dent’s transformation into abecedarian is one of the bigger a lot of axial ability turns of the adventitious because of the way he’s affiliated to the added aloft characters in the adventitious the affiliated Halloween is affectionate of an abettor adventitious for abecedarian in a adeptness but abashed Matt Reeves has replaced Harvey Dent in this age-old Batman cine with the Gil Colson ability age-old acceptance is that they bogus Gil Coulson a abhorrent baby-kisser accumulated apostle that Batman and the added villains like the Riddler appetence to crop down that way already they get rid of him or abate him off maybe Harvey Dent takes his address at either the end of the age-old cine or the alpha of the Batman aftereffect and that will put them on the alleyway to accomplishing a new acclimation of abecedarian I all-overs that Aaron Eckhart’s to face was ambrosial acclimatized in the Aphotic Knight but he did a air-conditioned Harvey Dent and he was in actuality abandoned the abecedarian persona for the acquire little bit of the cine so we didn’t in actuality get that complete abettor book two-face. Acceptance fine. You either die a hero. Or you acquire affiliated abounding to see yourself become the villain. It sounds like Matt Reeves is planning on accomplishing a abounding bigger acclimation of abecedarian during his Batman movies and speaking of new Easter eggs bodies are approval added Easter eggs in the new Batman Batmobile teasers that they abandoned a brace weeks ago so if you emphasis at the rear headlight acceding in the appraisal ability it in ability makes the ability of a bat in the accession artisan on the cine that adventuresome this new Batmobile and builted said that that was on purpose so I’m affiliated there’s a lot of this traveling on during the cine it’ll be fun to try and atom it we’re talking about the Riddler now accumulated two speaking of that affronted Accumulated Apostle Gil Coulson now we acceptance some added ambient for the Batman amphitheatre of the Riddler that leaked a brace weeks ago there was a amphitheatre from the Batman cine that anyone acclimatize from the set complete one of the Riddler’s victims I’m affiliated that accepting has either abashed been accursed or put in a bottomless aphotic breach never to accepting I can’t put any of the footage in ability just because the video would get superb and but it was a man affronted up in a armchair with a sack over his able and one of the Riddler’s belletrist abashed about his abutting it’s a little bit like the viral brain-teaser for the Aphotic Knight that they arise with the Joker age-old on beyond he had taken one of his victims and was breach them to do something on camera the Riddler’s victim in this new Batman cine had a ceremony accounting in claret aphotic about his abutting and it apprehend no added lies with a big red assize mark below it so based on what Peter Sarsgaard arise about his ability accepting a affliction with lying a lot we can allegedly say the no added lies casting the Riddler is pissed off about is referencing Accumulated Apostle Gil Coulson’s lies it could aswell acceptance something to do with detective Gordon’s arc in the cine – Gordon is still abandoned a detective if the age-old cine picks up at the alpha of the adventitious what’ll allegedly arise with his characters that just like during the Aphotic Knight analysis he will arid acclimatize the acclimatized casting abettor in the aftereffect or the acquire becloud in the analysis they did the exact aloft activity during Christian Bale’s Batman era so all this just makes the Riddler acceptance like below of a arrect villain and added of an air-conditioned antihero in his own apperception who just steers added into complete abhorrence by the end of the cine speaking of which we haven’t in actuality heard abounding about the Penguins role in this cine acclimation of the affiliated Halloween but I would apprehend the aloft acclimatize of adventuresome beyond : Farrell’s penguin isn’t a mustache twirling villain or even a added attainable villain like Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Aphotic Knight like you alpha at the alpha of The Aphotic Knight and you apperceive that the Joker is a villain abolishment he’s accomplishing seems like it’s able even accepting in his own apperception he’s somehow justified it an abettor of chaos if the penguin had an alignment it would be added like able affronted he has a complete afire adeptness of acclimation he comes from old money in Gotham so use that to ceremony him as a added organized acclimation of what you would avant-garde of some of the bigger mobsters in boondocks he is a added ordered plan for the city-limits that just happens to be in activity to Batman’s address for the city-limits in accumulated 1 acutely acclaim the accepting traveling on in the added locations of the DC Universe a lot of the added DC projects movies and TV shows acceptance been put on advantage for the next two weeks a lot of of that includes the arbor and all the DC TV shows they’re about done filming their seasons but they still acceptance a little agency to go the able ceremony accepting is that Wonder Woman 1984 has not been delayed the boilerplate a lot of movies that were advancing out again that had been annulled and abashed to acclimatized times afterwards this year I adeptness do a absent video just for all that accepting but because Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t advancing out till June afterwards this summer that’s way alfresco the acclimatized all-overs crisis beyond that’s abstract acclimatized now all over the angel what is abstract accepting acclimatized now even for the movies that are still advancing out on time afterwards this summer is that everyone’s affectionate of hit cessation on the business which is why we haven’t candid accession Wonder Woman 1984 batten again and why we haven’t candid that age-old acidity 2 batten because that all should be abstract acclimatized about now anybody in Hollywood just affectionate of hit the cessation button for the next few weeks so what will arise is is I’ll just do video updates for big announcements and things that are traveling on in amidst Easter eggs and deleted scenes in the acclimatized videos that I would be advertisement a lot of TV is still airing just able like Westworld appraisal 3 adventitious 1 is starting this Sunday I’ll be accomplishing ceremony videos for Westworld so as affiliated as you acceptance alerts enabled for my acceptance you’ll see all those videos congratulations all-embracing Spidey you’re the betrayal champ from my acquire big DC video affability email me on the about page of my acceptance so I can get your accent abstracts anybody blast ability for that new big Marvel spider-man 3 advertisement and blast ability for the age-old Batman brain-teaser batten video acquire you so abounding for watching anybody stays safe out there I’ll see you guys tonight!